How do I make my first hour more productive?

Image by Michael Giuffrida about improvementEffective time management is one of the most important aspects of a small business owner’s potential success.  Ensuring that not only many things get done, but the right things get done first is critical.  One way to improve your daily effectiveness is by making the most of the first hour of the day.  While all of the hours are important, Michael Giuffrida believes that the first hour is the most important.  This is because there are less interruptions, your mind is fresh and you are not already mentally burdened by the things that will inevitably go “less than ideal” throughout the day.

Many people start their day by going into the office, opening their email, and seeing what the day has in store for them.  Unfortunately, that is a huge waste of this valuable time.  To ensure that you make the best use of what Michael Giuffrida likes to call “The Golden Hour”, you should plan it the night before.  Make the last task of your day, setting up your next day; specifically The Golden Hour.  Pick a task or tasks that absolutely HAVE to get done the next day which you will tackle first.  Take advantage of your fresh mind and complete a task that you have been avoiding but must get done or something that when you get it done will bring great value to the organization.

By following this process, you will find that not only does your task list get shorter, but that you start your day feeling like you have already accomplished something great.  This will yield more fruit throughout the day from your better attitude as well as the value that those tasks or tasks that you completed brings to the organization.

Michael Giuffrida from Southington Connecticut has been helping people and business become more efficient since 1997.  Using techniques developed from his experiences as a business owner, entrepreneur and advisor, Michael Giuffrida has made numerous businesses more successful, more profitable and yield higher harvest valuations through his advice.

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