How does technology drive culture?

Image for Improvement by Michael GiuffridaTechnology in business has been a given for may decades however over the years it has transformed from being an unwanted evil to a necessity for survival.  One challenge is that human willingness to accept and adapt to change is greatly outpaced by innovation in technology.  This can either drive an innovative and open culture or a toxic one based upon how it is implemented.

Take for example an organization that implements heavy security controls and time tracking standards for the purpose of “watching” its employees.  These employees will inevitably feel the distrust from the organization and revert to a protective mode of employment giving what they must give to earn a fair paycheck and not much else.  Additionally, they will use their creativeness to find ways to game the system as opposed to how to make the business better.

Alternatively, imagine an organization who uses innovative new technology to implement security in such a way that makes the employees life easier such as facial recognition or bio-metrics, or perhaps provides employees with password management tools that can help them overcome the challenges of remembering complex passwords on multiple systems.  These tools can make the employee more productive and less stressed about the threats that can damage the business.

Now what if we add in technology that allows seamless flexible work policies such as the ability to access the business network from home or video conferencing solutions to enable remote workforce teams.  These can give employees the flexibility to achieve a healthy work life balance while being fully productive for the organization.

These are just a couple of examples on how to use technology to drive a healthy business culture.  I bet if you polled your employees about how technology could make your business culture better, you would get some great ideas which would yield happier employees and more productivity.

Michael Giuffrida from Southington CT has been operating businesses since 1997.  He is an experienced entrepreneur in business management, profitable growth, business valuation, mergers and acquisitions, and information technology managed services.

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