What should I do about email for my new business?

Image by Michael Giuffrida about collaborationManaging email can be a daunting task for a new business owner.  In a future series we will discuss proper email etiquette tips, but for now lets discuss how you should set yourself up.  While some people still pick up the phone and call someone when they are looking for a product or service, most use the internet and email.  It is important that your email address look legitimate to a prospective client.  There are two things you can do to help your self look like the preferred partner for your type of business.

First, Register a domain name at an inexpensive domain provider like 1&1 for your business which sounds professional and is easy to type.  Don’t use a long name with hyphens and acronyms.  Next, setup an email address using that new domain name that is also professional. This can also be done right through the domain registration and setup process and is often included with the cost of the domain name.  You can simply use your first name “Michael@”, or “sales@” or “info@”.  I would not suggest using your cute nickname that your friends in college called you though. Sending an email to “michaelgiuffrida@smallbiztips.com” would feel much better than “magicmike@gmail.com” if you were looking for someone to give you professional service.

In a future post, we will also talk about setting up a website at your new domain name so stay tuned!

Michael Giuffrida from Southington CT has been operating businesses since 1997.  He is an experienced entrepreneur in business management, profitable growth, business valuation, mergers and acquisitions, and information technology managed services.

6 thoughts on “What should I do about email for my new business?

  • I think most people believe that using a custom email address is difficult and best left to computer gurus. However, many of the sites that allow you to register a domain and setup a site will do all the heavy lifting for you. You can even pay for a Google Apps account, which basically gives you a gmail experience but with your own custom domain. I would add, however, that if you don’t have business cards, you should be prepared to spell your new domain name a lot.

  • Ironically a few years ago I was very opposed to Office 365 but now they have improved that product so much I strongly recommend it.

  • Thanks for the reminder. I definitely need to set-up a new email address. I haven’t checked to see if I can do this through wordpress. I don’t remember it being part of the domain registration and setup process so I’ll have to check.

  • It’s amazing how much credibility a professional web site and contact provide. I know I think twice before contacting a business with a yahoo address.

  • Great info. One of the other things I think can be overwhelming is which email front-end to use. There are so many now (assuming you are not confined to the standards available in Corporate America). They each have their pros and cons and it can be challenging to decide which one provides the right features and the right price point for your business.

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